Project // Phunhaus "budget" Integra

Project // Kanadien Kris H1 Integra

Those of you who know Phunhaus, knows he doesn't disappoint.  In a word, relentless.  This Integra has been in the works well into its 8th year.  99% of "builders" quit by the 3rd year.  It's immaculate and every detail has the most attention paid to.  One of these days when it's done, i'll have the opportunity to tune this.

Project // PB "Kermy" Civic

Project // All I do is Wynn S2000

A customer turned friend turned family.  Matt is a brother to me.  He walked into the shop based on a referral from a friend and never left.  His family sedan is pretty quick!  Look out for his track car as well!  Tuned on Hondata Flashpro.

This is one of our flagships.  Our prototype testbed.  We've learned a great deal about K series engines with this car.  This car has had a magazine feature (Honda Tuning), an online publication feature (Urban Racer), won multiple car shows (HIN, Wekfest), ran HPDE on track and laid burnouts down the drag strip.  Though it's been in hibernation, it's due to make a return shortly.  Tuned on Hondata KPRO.

Project // Phunhaus RHD EG


Everyone loves Rob.  How could you not?  Always smiling and happy, he's always ready to race.  Not to mention he has a badass S2000.  My pleasure Rob!  Tuned on Hondata KPRO.


Project // Rob H1 S2000

A prime example of a well planned and executed race car, Dave's Integra not only looks the part, it just performs.  Many class wins in Honda Challenge H1 as well as runner up in 2014 NASA Honda Challenge east, don't ever count "Turbo Dave" out of the race!  Tuned on Hondata KPRO.

Project // Gage "Big Red" Civic

Project // Topy "Papaya" Civic

You see that Chinaman over there?  Yeah, that's Topy... Dude is just a hard working mofo... Work all day, work all night - the party never ends!  But seriously, those who know him know i'm not exaggerating and he builds some badass cars too.  Tuned on Hondata KPRO.

Yeah!  A true budget thrown together car that performs!  No fancy parts here!  The chassis was an old retired Honda Challenge car.  All parts selected for this build really wasn't even selected, they were our only choice since it was lying around collecting dust anyway.  All the way down to the Chinese eBay turbo!  This car has gone 6.83 in the 1/8th mile and makes right at around 500whp.  Tuned on Hondata S300.

Egidijus Sadauskas (Fast Eddie) came wandering into the shop one day asking if we can diagnose his Hondata S300 unit because it wasn't working for him.  Come to find out, he's been racing his car on an ebay chip!  Needless to say, it didn't take long for him to find out how much power he was leaving at the table and even though he no longer races in the Honda Challenge series, he still holds many track records to date.  Tuned on Hondata S300.

Project // Fast Eddie H2 Civic

Wynn Wynn Wynn no matter what!  Wynn's S2000 is another top competitor.  This is your 2015 NASA Championship runner up.  He's on fire with numerous track records under his belt dominating the 2016 season!  Tuned on AEM series 2.

Project // Brian Yorks H1 S2000

Project // PB "PePe" CRX

Who can forget this beauty?  Remember, Brandon knocked out this project in just a few months just to go on and grace the cover of Import Tuner magazine - circa 2009.  Still used as an example to this day, I can't believe the amount of work we put into this thing!  Tuned on eCtune.



Arguably one of the fastest S2000 in H1, Brian is just a beast behind the wheel.  Holding numerous track records in his class, Brian is just a natural competitor.  Tuned on AEM series 2.

Project // Turbo Dave H1 Integra

Many racers live in areas where there just isn't an abundance of experienced Honda tuners or dyno testing.  Kris is one of them.  He was e-tuned and did quite well for himself.  Once we strapped his car down and showed him all the power he had uncorked, he was a believer.  In addition to multiple track records and Honda Challenge H1 wins, Kris is also your 2014 NASA Honda Challenge east H1 champion.  Tuned on Hondata KPRO.

Our first K swap.  Lots of learning to do back when you were the contributor to forums and weren't spoonfed the answers to every swap hurdle there was.  This car went 12.8 and was fast for what it was back then.  Now Rob Reinen owns it and has totally transformed it to the beast it is now!  Tuned on Hondata KPRO.

Project // Matt's Civic