Dyno Tuning and Rental

Our equipment of choice is the Dyno Dynamics 450.  It gives us repeatable and reliable results time after time.  The ability to vary load on the fly makes steady state tuning a breeze.  

We have tuned AEM, APEXi, Cobb, CROME, eCtune, eCtune PRO, FAST, Haltech, Holley EFI, Hondata (S100, S200, S300, KPRO, Flashpro, Traction Control), HPTuners, Megasquirt, Neptune (chip), Neptune RTP/Demon, NismoTronic, Nistune, Power Commander, SplitSecond, UpREV and many more.

Tuning rates can vary due to the complexity of the system and / or setup.  Naturally aspirated setups require the least amount of time and will generally be cheaper than a turbo charged setup.  Tuning rates are usually a flat fee - please inquire.

Mechanical issues and diagnostics are not included in the tuning rate.  If the vehicle is not ready for tuning and requires work, standard labor rate will apply in addition to tuning rate.  Please make sure your vehicle is ready for tuning.  

Some examples and helpful pre tuning checks include: Healthy radial tires - NO SLICKS please!  Lug nuts should be torqued and not missing any studs.  More than 1/4 tank of gas unless you've consulted with us and we told you otherwise.  Minimal fluid leaks - if we deem it hazardous, the tuning session will be over.  Coolant should be burped.  Valve lash should be set.  Exhaust system should be accessible and even better if an easily accessible O2 bung hole is present for wideband.  Leak down and compression test should be performed prior to tuning and you should want to know that you're about to make an appointment to tune a healthy engine.  No check engine lights should be present prior to tuning unless I told you otherwise.  

Dyno baseline and rental is available.  Pressure sensor and wideband available and included in the price.  

If you'd like to rent the dyno or think you are ready for a tuning appointment or have any questions, please contact us at